how to shop on shein

the conversation always goes the same. “hey, where’d you get that top? it’s really cute!” i’ll reply with “i got it on shein for only a few bucks!” 90% of the time i get the same reply. “shein has really cute stuff but i’m really afraid to shop on there because it’s from out of the country.” i’ve had so many great experiences with shein, as well as some not so great experiences. i’ve been using shein for some time now, so i think i have a lot of tips to help shein newbies!

image from rischaknapp [vsco]

first thing i will always tell people is read reviews. some reviews will even have photos. the best way to shop items that have a ton of reviews are by sorting them under “most popular” or “top reviewed”. shein encourages buyers to give reviews by giving them points for each review they leave, so most popular items have a lot of reviews you can read.

before you go shopping, measure yourself and use those measurements instead of the size you would normally buy in store. one negative thing about shopping from an international seller is that the sizing can be a bit inconsistent. for the price, i don’t mind it though. if you have an account, you can even enter your measurements and shein will determine what size will fit you best on some items. shopping by your measurements is always the best way to determine what will fit your best.

image from rachelkirkk [vsco]

another thing is to create an account. with the account you are entered under a rewards program where you earn “shein points” these points can be redeemed anytime and earned not just by spending. you can also tune into the live streams and leave reviews on items you’ve purchased to get points which you can redeem for savings!

i always tell my friends to buy a lot of stuff at once, rather than a few things. usually the coupons they have are “buy more save more” meaning the more you spend, the more you save! you also get the free expresss shipping if you spend a certain amount. (i think it’s $99- don’t quote me on that though!)

image from sheridan-kelly [vsco]

the last thing i would like to bring up is event shopping. i am no stranger to event shopping on shein, as the things i buy the most of on shein include dresses and swimsuits. always try to order at least two weeks ahead of the event to ensure that your package arrives, you have some to time try it on, and you have the opportunity to grab something somewhere else just in case an item ends up not fitting. usually with the normal shipping my items arrive within a week, and with the express shipping my items arrive within 4-6 days. i’ve never had delays, but sometimes international shipping can be especially unpredictable. i’ve seen girls rock shein dresses for formals, homecoming, prom and even weddings!

image from angelokangleon [vsco]

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