how to leisure shop in store

leisure shopping: (in my own words) shopping for fun, not when you need anything specific. also applies when you are shopping for a broad catergory, ie. summer clothes.

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so i thought my first article should be something that everyone does- in store leisure shopping. don’t get me wrong… i love me some retail therapy! but i also get caught up in impulse buying while shopping in stores, which is why i like to shop online more. but, every once in a while i love to shop in store, which is why i have come up with the best way for me to do it. today, i will be sharing some tips with you on how to save while shopping in store!

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the first thing i always do when entering a store is go straight to the back. even if i see something i really like, i can work my way up to it. usually, the better deals and clearance racks will be in the back. also, staple and more wearable pieces are usually more towards the back, because they aren’t as eye catching and won’t draw people into the store like a statement piece would.

something i do when shopping crowded racks of clothes is i don’t flip through and look at everything. this takes a lot of time and usually gets boring after a few minutes, for me at least. i tackle crowded racks by just glimpsing for trendy colors and prints and pulling out those pieces. especially with clearance racks, where not everything is always super on trend, or sometimes is off season. (which isn’t always a bad thing, i just personally like to shop current season.)

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another thing i try to do is come into the store coupon in hand, or knowing what deals the store has that day. this doesn’t always work, but the morning before shopping i try to check what deals are running at what stores. there’s quite a few ways to find deals for free! i actually made a “junk mailbox” email account to give to stores so that i can still receive deals and coupons without clogging up my personal email. most rewards programs cost nothing to join, and usually have exclusive coupons and deals for members only. for example, american eagle (one of my personal favorites), has a punch card on the app for jeans and bras. you buy five, you get one free, and you have as long as you want to purchase five of the item. i usually buy jeans during storewide sales, and i don’t even realize i have purchased five. it’s like a special gift when i get the text that i have earned a free pair of jeans! most use a point system that once you have spent a certain amount, you can redeem a small gift or a coupon. these usually cost nothing to join, so my mentality is “why not?” especially if its a store that i frequent.

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there are also so many free coupon code apps that you can download, my favorite being retailmenot. upon signing up, you choose the stores you shop at and it’ll show you all of the deals each store is having, all in one feed! really convenient if you are on a time crunch. the only downside to these is that if you are signed up for rewards programs it won’t show you the “members only” deals. you can always just ask the employee at the counter when you are checking out if there’s any coupons that day. they might get annoyed for a few seconds, but it’s all worth it if you can save a few bucks sometimes!

lastly, before buying something, try to think of at least two things you can pair with it. usually i try my hardest to think of three, those being, a shoe, a top or bottom (whichever is opposite of the item), and an accessory. if you already have things that will pair well with the item, you are ultimately saving money, because you do not have to go and purchase something that will pair well with it.

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if you’ve made it this far, congrats! thank you for reading. just a reminder there’s a form that you enter your email address into under the blogs tab. when you give your email, every time i post a new article, you will be notified!

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